• Buy at least two (2) Shape Shifters shift boots (at a predefined discount rate) in a year to change your shifter setup depending on the event;

  • Apply at least one (1) Shape Shifters sticker on both sides of your car or on the rear backglass to display our brand and improve our visibility;

  • Attend at least two (2) major car shows/events (1000 attendings or more) throughout the summer;

  • Have a noticeable presence in car meets;

  • Mention us as your sponsor on social medias (Facebook/Instagram) when you post a picture of your car;

  • Post at least two (2) HIGH-RESOLUTION pictures of your new shift boot installed in your car;

  • Allow us to use photos of your car and shifter setup for display and/or promotion purposes. 


By clicking the Terms and Conditions Agreements button on the application form, I understand that if I qualify for sponsorship or partial sponsorship, I will be required to have a minimum of one Shape Shifters sticker on both sides of the car or other position mutually agreed, buy and/or install at least 2 Shape Shifters shift boots per year in my car to display your products, and strive to promote Shape Shifters to the best of my ability. 

I understand that all prices and terms of the sponsorship are not to be discussed under any circumstances. I am encouraged to refer others to receive sponsorship but the prices are not to be disclosed. I understand and agree that any violation of these terms and conditions may disqualify my sponsorship, and I will be billed at full retail.